First impressions when just getting and inflating the kites:

For now i love the big leading edge inflate valve and the one pump system is great too
Very big inflate valve
Definitions are very nice
The rounded leading edge should be easy relaunch
The bag is very nice and practical

Once tried (pro mod and default shoulder setting:
Bar pressure is light and the turning speed is good. I'm very anxious to try the high end. It's going to be awesome.
I tried the relaunch and is the best i have ever used :) I tried also the safety release in low wind. 
Very smooth power like nothing when you let go the bar but if you want some power you have it !! I made some jump transitions with the 14m in the light wind and it was awesome. I really want to try the 9m in 25 and more now!!!

I love the swivel and the quick release. They are very friendly to use.You have to untangle the line manually but it works very well. Very smooth and easy to use.


Griffin ArgoX is a medium aspect 3 strut, pulley less, all round kite. The bar is light with soft ends, good grip that it floats on water and it flags into one front line. There is also a swivel under the bar that turns very easy for untwisting the lines. One pump system with a single big valve for easy pumping. Construction is standard with a light frame. The leading edge has reinforcements in critical areas to minimize tear. Minimal dacron at the trailing edge makes for a light weight kite that will fly in marginal conditions. It comes with two sets of bridles standard and a "pro" mode. The kite out of the bag has the standard one.

The first thing that you will notice when pumped and in the air is the stability of the kite. It's rock solid in the air no matter the conditions. ArgoX is a sheet 'n' go kite. Just pull in the bar and off you go. The bar pressure is medium. Upwind performance is good enough. In standard mode the kite seats a little back in the wind window, the turning is kind of axial and the turning speed is medium. Relaunch it super easy even in marginal conditions plus the short bridles and the line deflectors at the tips will ensure that you will get the kite back in the air in no time. Beginners will find those characteristics easy for their first steps in kiteboarding. More advanced riders will feel confident to try new tricks.

Changing the bridles into "pro" mode the turning speed of the kite is now a lot quicker but not too quick to make the kite "twitchy". The kite turns quick and pivotal (around itself) with less power than in standard mode. You shut out the power of the kite by sheeting out where in standard mode it will always pull. 
In pro mode the kite goes also better upwind, the bar pressure is a little less but it can't be considered light. 
In both bridle modes you will get good pop with good release. Jumping is easy and you will get good float with soft landings. In standard mode the kite is very forgiving. Pro mode needs more attention but it remains stable.

Griffin ArgoX is really two kites in one by changing the bridles into the two modes. 
Whatever is your style you are being covered.


The ArgoX is simply the best kite I have ever ridden. I have been riding the Argo which has a lot of power which is suited to me being a heavier rider. I also have experience with the TRX being a very quick agile kite with a bar to kite response that is lightening quick. Some how this new ArgoX has combined the best components of the Argo and TRX and Griffen have delivered an unbelievable product that is almost unparalleled in the kiting industry today.

First off, the look of the kite with the new wave pattern is very easy on the eyes, it's uncluttered, simple and the colour schemes are very well selected making it eye catching when flying.

Next, the precision setting on the new pulley less bridal makes the direct bar to kite feel like the rider has direct control of the kite, anything the kite is doing any gust is transferred to the kiters hands allowing the Kiter to feel exactly what is going on and allow the rider react instinctively to any situation.

Also, the easy to swap pro/ beginner bridal setting is a stroke of genius which should allow an owner to be able to progress with one kite via bridal upgrade rather than having to upgrade entire kites which is quite costly, also this enables the owner to breath fresh life into equipment with a simple bridle replacement after a season.

Finally, the Bar system... Opposite to the way that the kite sport is going, the Griffin bar is being stripped down to the bare essentials. It is clean, uncomplicated and very effective. In a sport that combines lines, water and momentum, I feel more comfortable with less gadgets and more reliability. It boosts a above the bar depower system, below the bar swivel, a release system the runs through the chicken loop rather than around it and new clean flag line system that is above the depower system that is so clean it is hard to believe it hasn't been done already.

I am so excited by this kite, Thank you Griffin for making this brilliant Kite. 5 stars!


Just came back from the beach
steady 21 knots
really...i have ridden many griffins, TRX for many years
but this is the best griffin build ever
big floaty jumps
airtime is really good
fast, responsive, stabile
can believe the job Chris did
man! what a big airs i have done
and only 21 knots
really , they are so good


Not so gusty, but going up and down. I'm around 68Kg now.

On the default mode, not the pro, as wind was high and I was really anxious to try. Used the default bridle setting (default bridle and default shoulder attachment),
24m standard lines length.

Loving it. Huge floaty jumps. More boost and float than TRX. Jumping really high. Smooth power and boosting much higher than TRX when pulling the bar. Really good pop. Light bar pression but really responsive.

More powerful than TRX. Riding comfortable on 11-23 just using depower (not fully depowered) on same knot power setting (middle knot)), so may have also a great wind range. I was usually riding a bigger size than my friends on the TRX. Now was on same/smaller size.

Turning similar to TRX on the default bridle mod (didn't try the pro mod).

Really stable in the air. Managing gusts really well even not so gusty in this case.

Going well upwind.

May drift really well as I was going really weĺl downwind on the race board riding down the line with no backstalling. As I'm not really riding waves, so I can't tell so much about drift.

Great new bigger inflate/deflate valve. Great to have one way system to inflate. It is similar as the one on last Cabrinhas and Ozones. It works great. Really easy and fast to inflate and deflate.

Foils and Raceboards
About racing: I’ve seen it’s rated on the website as 5/10 for racing, that makes it look as not so good, but I enjoyed a lot on my raceboard. As it is powerful but power is smooth and has constant pull and massive depower was good. Waterstart was really easy (not always easy considering my 180cmx70cm board and 41cm and 39cm fins) and also great for gibing and tacking). Upwind angle was good and as it has massive depower, so was managing well any gust keeping a good direction upwind. An specific race bar would help getting a more continuous upwind angle, but not a kite issue and not needed for free racing just for fun or getting out in lowest winds as posible.
As it’s turning fast and stable, it’s good for those using downloop on tacking.
I suppose racing was rated considering the kite shape is not the best for this discipline and comparing to race specific kites used in racing competition (mostly foils actually), but I would say it is a good kite to be used for those riding a raceboard just for fun and those who want to get a better low end to be on the water in lightwinds and not waiting on the sand for the wind.

It would be also a good kite to be used with an hydrofoil board as it is giving smooth constant pull and has massive depower. Most of people riding hydrofoils here are using F-one bandits and it could be compared to our ArgoX. Only those on racing competition are using racing specific kites or foil kites. So I would rate much better the racing performance or at least would say it is good for average raceboard riders using the raceboard for fun and not the best to be used for competition at the highest level.

I've tried all Griffins since 2009 until now and I have to say the ArgoX is clearly the BEST GRIFFIN KITE I'VE EVER RIDE FOR SURE!!!

The friends who tried my kite were especially surprised because of big boosts and floaty jumps.

Wishing to be on the water again soon even not so anxious now to try the PRO mod as I’ve been really impressed by the default mode. Anyway, curious to see how the PRO mod can give us even a better performance.